color analyze yourself like a pro

How it works

Data scientists and color analysts meet together to develop an accurate and fun way to figure out your best palette of colors. All what's needed is a clear photograph that accurately reflects your coloring. Machine learning technology is everywhere, now it's helping you looking your best. Discover your flattering colors in three simple steps. It takes less than five minutes and it's completely free. You can also give it a try by clicking on one of the celebrity photos below.

Choose a photo

Browse for a photo or drag it into the gray box below, then adjust the cropping circle to include your face and hair. Choose a clear face shot taken outdoors in no direct sunlight. Don't worry, your photo stays in your browser. Nothing is uploaded or stored on our servers. No one will see your photo or palette unless you choose to share. Click Next when all is set.


Your coloring

Grab your hair, skin and eye colors using the color picker tool. Choose the most prominent colors, not the shadow or highlighted areas. For eyes, choose the color that is most dominant, usually middle of iris. Turn Noise reduction on and off as needed. To redo the color click a corresponding circle on the right. When all is done press Next to see your palette.


Your palette

Low confidence



Your palette in the pocket

Your palette