color analyze yourself like a pro

Bring out your natural beauty

Whatever the trend is, there are some shades that are always going to look good on you, and some that aren't. Fashion stylists can help you find your best colors. They use Seasonal Color Analysis - it is their super power! With, you become your own stylist. Explore your personal coloring and take your beautiful palette everywhere with our brand new mobile app.

Color analyze yourself

To make the perfect color analysis for yourself, take a selfie and pick the most prominent colors of your eyes, hair, and skin. will use these features as a basis to create a magnificent palette of colors that suit you perfectly well.

  • Finds the best colors for you immediately at no cost
  • Created on the Seasonal Color Analysis that has helped millions of women look their best
  • Allows you to see how your palette changes when you choose the darkest or the lightest shades of your hair or eyes
  • Removes the doubt in you and helps you make wise choices when updating your wardrobe
  • app is your mobile palette… it everywhere you go!

Interactive Color Adviser

Color Adviser helps you maximize the potential of your personal color palette. Working as your personal shopping companion, Color Adviser senses the colors most flattering for you. Whether it's for clothing, jewelry, makeup, eyeglass frames or even colored contact lenses, Color Adviser confirms that you are making the right choice by finding colors that fit within your personal color palette.

New to color analysis?

There are several approaches to analyzing personal coloring. The most popular is “seasonal” color analysis, which places individual coloring into four general categories: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Our mobile apps

About is a product of synergizing the expertise of analysts and data scientists, and this is how this fun-filled app was developed. We figured out a unique way to give you an accurate palette that perfectly suits you.

Color analyze yourself

With our free service, you discover your flattering colors in three simple steps. All you require is a clear photograph that accurately reflects your coloring. You can also give it a try by clicking on one of the celebrity photos below.

Choose a face shot

Browse for a photo or drag it into the gray box below, then adjust the cropping circle to include your face and hair. Choose a clear face shot taken outdoors in no direct sunlight. Don't worry, your photo stays in your browser. Nothing is uploaded or stored on our servers. No one will see your photo or palette unless you choose to share. Click Next when all is set.


Your coloring

Select your hair, skin, and eye color using the color picker tool. Choose the most prominent color (not the highlighted areas or shadow). For eyes, choose the color that is most dominant, usually middle of iris. Turn the ‘Smoothing’ button on/off as needed. To reselect the color, click the circle on the right. When all is done press Next to see your palette.


Your palette

Low confidence


Your palette


Your App

{{traits.results.appName}} is a terrific shopping companion which recognizes flattering colors instantly, using your smartphone camera. It features realistic fabric previews for all colors in your palette. Use it in the comfort of your home to select the perfect dress while you prepare for an outing, or in a shop when you feel like buying new clothes.

Interactive Color Adviser

Have you discovered your color type already? If so, Interactive Color Adviser makes your palette work for you. Use it in the comfort of your home or on your mobile device as you are out shopping. Give it a try by clicking on one of the photos below.

Choose a photo

Browse for a photo or drag it into the gray box below. Then, click anywhere on the photo. Scroll down to see how the selected color interacts with the four palettes below. In each palette, Color Adviser finds colors similar to the chosen one from the photo and shows them shifted through a palette. The bigger the offset, the higher the similarity. If you see extended segments in your palette, that means you can safely wear this color.

Play with your palette by clicking through its colors. Find unique colors in your palette as well as neutral tones that can be worn by any season. You will be surprised at how fast you memorize your best colors and learn to recognize them yourself.




Color Adviser often finds similar colors in more than one palette. If your coloring is between two seasons, according to the 12 Seasons System, then the colors found in both palettes will work great for you. If you know your color type, then install our amazing mobile app and enjoy a native mobile experience, unique features and high color accuracy.

Your personal palette in the pocket

Have you analyzed your coloring professionally or using our self-analysis system? If so, you need this terrific shopping companion which recognizes flattering colors instantly, using your smartphone camera. It features realistic fabric previews for all colors in your palette. is simply smart, accurate, and fun to use! offers a dedicated app for every basic season. For example, if your major season is summer, My Summer Palette would be the best for you. With 30 beautiful shades, you have a lot to explore. The additional extended palettes are available for purchase from the app.

Note: The app supports Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and later.

How to use

The app gives you the convenience and perfection you desire. Use it in the comfort of your home to select the perfect dress while you prepare for an outing, or in a shop when you feel like buying new clothes. Let’s help you maximize the amazing potentials of your digital palette by explaining its features in order to help you to get the expected results in any lighting conditions.

Palette Page

The first thing you see is the Palette Page which contains different active palette colors. To see the list of available palettes, click on the palette name on top of the page. You also can change active palette on the Palette Selection Page.

The colors are displayed in a grid, click a cell to open the chosen color in the Fabric Preview Page. For a quick navigation to the Color Picker page, tap the lens button on the top right.

Fabric Preview Page

Here, different fabrics of the same color are presented to you. To open a fabric, click any fabric of your choice from the scrollable list of swatches on the page bottom. You can also click on the same swatch to turn the fabric layer off. You can swipe right or left to browse through the colors in your palette.

Using your mobile camera you can overlay actual colors on top of any color in your palette. This feature is awesome for checking the result of 2 combined colors. If you come to the Color Picker Page from the Fabric Preview Page, the color picker will open in an overlay mode.

Color Picker

Color Picker allows you to pick colors by pointing the camera to a cloth or any other object. Color Picker analyzes the colors in the center of the inner ring. The measured color is used to paint the inner ring as well as the bamboo liefs which appear on the outer ring. The color of the outer ring itself depends on the mode the color picker operates in. Color Picker works in two modes which are color matching and overlay.

In the color matching mode, the app looks for a color in the present palette that is nearest to the captured one. This color is then used for the outer ring. You can easily approximate the similarity between an actual color and the nearest to its color in your palette. Bamboo liefs blend into the outer ring if the color captured by the camera is similar to one of the colors in your palette. This would identify a color that you can safely wear.

Overlay mode allows you freeze the color of the outer ring and see how the captured color (bamboo liefs) and the chosen color (outer ring) actually work together. You can switch between these two modes by clicking the lock icon on the outer ring.

There is a row of colorful bars at the end of the screen. Each bar signifies an individual color in the palette. The bar height depends on the similarity between captured color and the color of the bar. A lot of raised bars means that the captured color is suitable or perfect for your season. The tallest bar indicates color with is the closest to the captured one.

Click on the outer ring to open its color on the whole screen.

In a low or poorly-lit environment, you can use your mobile phone flash. To turn the flash on or off, click on the flash button at the top right corner. Also, you may need to enable the white balance feature to improve color accuracy whenever you are indoors or under direct sunlight. You can tap the white balance button repeatedly to loop through available modes till you choose a correct one.

Palette Selection Page

According to the ColorBreeze system, every main season contains 5 or 6 sub-seasons. The Palette Selection Page shows descriptions for all sub-seasons and allows you to procure a corresponding extended palette. Each of these extended palettes contains 54 shades which are carefully selected to match the complexity of your sub-season. You can switch between any sub season palettes without restrictions once you have purchased a premium palette.