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You're a natural beauty

Highlight your inherent beauty by finding the most flattering hues according to your skin tone, hair shade and eye color. Skip fleeting fads and discover what looks best on beautiful you—forever and always. For years, fashion stylists and makeup artists have relied on Personal Color Analysis as their special tool, and now you can steal their superpower and create your own personal palette.

Color-analyze your face

Start your color analysis with three easy steps. First, take a face-only selfie. Next, select the most prominent tones from your skin, hair and eyes. Colorwise.me will use these features as the basis for a palette perfectly suited to you!

Your digital palette

My Best Colors is a stellar shopping companion which uses your smartphone camera to instantly recognize colors that flatter you. It's easy, accurate and fun to use! Eliminate the guesswork and make great choices when updating your wardrobe.

Personal Palette Designer

Create a virtual color profile(s) for yourself or your favorite celebrities. Click one of the palettes below to try it.

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Color-analyze your wardrobe

Our wardrobe analyzer helps maximize the potential of your color palette. Working as your personal stylist, a wardrobe analyzer will select your most flattering shades. Helpful for selecting fashion, jewelry, makeup, eyeglass frames or even colored contact lenses, our wardrobe analyzer picks complementary shades to fill your personal palette for your best looks yet.

Your palettes collection

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Use our share buttons to send finished palettes to friends. Copy the link or send the palette through Gmail, Facebook, Messenger, etc. When other users open a link that you shared, they'll see a copy of your palette in their palette editor. Don't worry, they can't change your original. Any edits your friend makes are applied to their local copy only.

Use your custom palettes on the go with our top-rated mobile app.

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Why register?

  • Save palettes for as long as you want. Without registration, your custom palettes will be deleted 7 days after you save them.
  • Securely access your collection from any browser.
  • Use your custom palettes on the go with our top-rated mobile app.

* If you've previously used Facebook Login, make sure to use the same email address that's associated with your Facebook account.

Color-analyze yourself

Find your most flattering colors in 3 simple steps! Begin by uploading a clear headshot snapped in natural lighting. You can also experiment with one of the images below. Best of all, the service is always free to use on your own!

Note: We value your privacy. We will never share or sell your images. Only you can view your photo and palette unless you decide to share it.

Upload an image

Click “Browse” to select one of your saved images. Drag the cropping circle to the center of your face—be sure to include at least part of your hair. Use the arrows to increase or decrease the dimensions of the circle based on the size of the image.


Select your colors

Select your hair, skin and eye color using the color picker tool. Choose the most prominent tones (nothing in highlighted or shaded areas) for your hair and skin. For eyes, choose the color that is most dominant, usually found in the middle of the iris. Turn the “Smoothing” button on or off as needed. To redo color picking, click the appropriate circle on the right.


Your personal palette


Your personal palette


Your digital palette

{{traits.results.appName}} is a fabulous smartphone shopping companion that guides you in finding your most flattering colors wherever you go. Use the app in the comfort of your home to select the perfect look from your wardrobe or have it on hand while shopping for new styles.


Personal Palette Designer

Design a color palette tailored exclusively for you, and take it everywhere you go with our top-rated mobile app!

Begin by uploading a photo. The picture you select will appear at the center of your palette. Use the sliders below to find your most flattering colors and press “Add Color” to include them in your palette. Vertical bars on the bottom-right contain clickable swatches based on the hues in the four classic seasonal palettes. Click a swatch to see the color appear in the color picker. Swatches elongate if the shade is similar to what is selected in the color picker.

Palette Designer is a fun and convenient virtual color draping tool. Use the color preview mode to see what colors work best for you. If you're still unsure, try our self-analysis tool—it makes the magic happen for you.

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Need help?

We have a team of professional stylists on fiverr.com who can assist you along the way. Get a second opinion on a palette you created or order a new palette handmade just for you. Their expert touch can make a huge difference! Click the button below to learn about different personalization options.

Color-analyze your wardrobe

Now that you've determined your color type, it's time to analyze your wardrobe with coloring in mind. You'll want to choose pieces that fit into your color wheel and harmonize well with each other. Click on one of the photos below to try it out.

Upload an image

Take a picture of items in your wardrobe or your makeup bag. Click “Browse” to select the saved image. Then, click anywhere on the photo that reflects the true hue of a style or product. Scroll down to see how the selected color interacts with the four classic palettes. Shades similar to the ones selected will extend from the wheel showing that it's a match. If it appears on your palette, it's a great choice for you and your wardrobe.

Start building your palette for a chic capsule wardrobe or complementary makeup collection. Take the palette everywhere you go with our digital palette app, and only make purchases you feel confident about.


Palette colors





Your digital palette

Once you’ve discovered your color type, it’s time to download our top-rated mobile app. A stellar shopping companion, it instantly recognizes flattering colors using your smartphone camera.

The app includes four classic palettes, each showcasing 30 beautiful shades. With realistic fabric previews for all colors, there’s a whole lot to love and explore. Extended palettes (with 51 colors) for the 12 Season Color System are available for purchase within the app. Any custom palette you create is also compatible with the app.


How to use

The app provides styling help with the convenience you desire. Use it in the comfort of your home to select the perfect look or lean on it while shopping for new clothing and accessories. Learn more about features the app has to offer:

Palette Page

When you open the app, the first thing you will see is the Palette Page. This page contains active palette colors. To see the full list of available palettes, click on the palette name at the top of the page. It will open the Palette Selection Page where you can change the active palette.

The colors are displayed in a grid. Click a cell to open the chosen color in the Fabric Preview Page. For quick navigation to the Color Picker page, tap the lens button on the top-right.

Palette Selection Page

On the Palette Selection Page, you can choose between the four classic seasonal palettes and twelve extended palettes available for purchase. You can also import custom palettes from colorwise.me.

You will need to log in with the same email and password on colorwise.me and in the app to import your custom palettes. If you make changes to your palettes collection on colorwise.me, click the refresh button to sync up again. In the iPhone version your custom palettes are synchronized automatically when you save them in the palette designer.

Fabric Preview Page

On this screen, you’ll find different fabric “swatches” for every color. To open a fabric, click any swatch from the scrollable list at the bottom of the page. You can also click on the same swatch to turn the fabric layer off. Swipe right or left to browse the colors in your palette.

Using your mobile camera, you can layer shades on top of any color in your palette and view the combination. If you come to the Color Picker Page from the Fabric Preview Page, the color picker will open in the overlay mode. Tap the lens button on the top-right to open the Color Picker Page.

Color Picker

Color Picker allows you to pick colors by pointing the camera at a garment or any other object. Color Picker analyzes the shade in the center of the inner ring. The measured color is used to paint the inner ring, as well as the star rays which appear on the square color swatch. The color of the square swatch depends on the mode of the Color Picker. The two mode options are color matching and overlay.

In the color matching mode, the app looks for a color in the present palette that is most similar to the one captured. This color is then applied to the square swatch. Star rays blend into the square swatch if the color captured by the camera is similar to one of the shades in your palette. This identifies a color that will look good on you.

Overlay mode allows you to freeze the color of the square swatch and see how the captured color (star rays) and the chosen color (square swatch) work together.

You can switch between the two modes by clicking the lock icon on the square swatch. Tap the square swatch to open the captured color in the Fabric Preview Page.

There is a row of colorful bars at the bottom of the screen. Each bar signifies an individual color in the active palette. The bar’s height grows with the likeness between the captured color and the color in the palette. Many raised bars mean that the captured color is perfect for your color type.

In a low or poorly-lit environment, turn on your mobile phone flash. To turn the flash on or off, click on the light button at the top-right corner. You may also need to enable the white balance feature to improve color accuracy whenever you are indoors or under direct sunlight. You can tap the white balance button repeatedly to loop through available modes until you find the one that is best for your setting.

Color matching mode (swatch unlocked)
Overlay mode (swatch locked)
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